European Auction Sites List

European Auction Sites List


European Auction Sites List – Federal ,Goverment , Leasing Companies,Bankruptcy,Tax Office, Bank Auctions And More.


German Auction Sites: – Auctions from  Federal Government, the States ,Bundeswehr and other public institutions.

Zoll-Auktion – Federal Customs Administration carries out a permanent public auction (customs auction).

Justiz-Auktion – The online auction of the judiciary with its courts, prosecutors and enforcement agencies, as well as other (enforcement) authorities.

Dechow Auktion –  Public online auctioneer that sells mobile and immobile objects, its clients are: companies, banks, liquidators, leasing firms and individuals. – Work for over 40 years for banks, leasing companies and insolvency. – Auctions on behalf of insolvency administrators, banks and liquidators. – Live and online auctions for insolvency administrations, credit institutions, leasing companies, tax offices, courts and independent clients.

DPfleet – DP Fleet GmbH is auctioning used vehicles of Deutsche Post World Net.

Rockmann-Auktionen – Operate as evaluator, seller and auctioneer especially for insolvency practitioners, banks, courts, leasing companies, firms or private persons. – Auctions of  salvage and non salvage vehicles including agricultural and plant, HGV’s, commercial vehicles, motorcycles and more.

WreckOnlineMarket – WOM is the biggest internet auction platform for damaged vehicles in Europe. – pkwNOW is exclusively auctions for professionals in the automotive industry.

Auktionshaus-Bickel  – Comprehensive service in the settlement of insolvency proceedings.

Die-Auktionshalle-Berlin – Auction house in Berlin-Buch

Auktionshaus-Ring – 15 years of experience in the determination, evaluation and utilization of property and assets – Appraisal, sale, auction – Industrierat GmbH – RESTLOS Industrieverwertungen  was founded in 2008 and now has more than 9 years of experience and know-how in the field of valuation and utilization of fixed and current assets. – We focus on the assessment and successful exploitation of goods and facilities from bankruptcies and industrial liquidations, as well as assignments and pledges.



Dutch Auction Sites: – is a virtual auction house that brings movable items to the auction. Often the goods that we offer come from bankruptcies and / or seizures. Our clients are curators, banks and companies.

Epic-Auctions – Epic Auctions mainly focuses on the agricultural, earthmoving, transport and industrial sectors. – The Nederlands VeilingInstituut or HNVI specializes in the organization of online bankruptcy auctions, valuation, assistance with restart and private sales. – Specializes in the auction of catering equipment, butchery machines, bakery machines, fitness equipment and design furniture. – organises liquidation auctions commissioned by a bank or liquidator. – Offers you the possibility to auction your used trucks online and to buy used company cars. – Current and free information about bankruptcies, suspensions and online auctions.

Austria Auction Sites: – Austria’s leading private auction house with more than 100 auctions per year – AURENA Group, one of the leading Austrian service providers for insolvency, business and industrial auctions.

Dorotheum – Dorotheum regularly organize auctions of vehicles, machinery and technical equipment.

Karner-Dechow –  4,500 public auctions with over 1 million unique positions per year – The specialist for operating and special expertise in agricultural, construction and industrial machinery unique auctions – ÖVG Versteigerungs GmbH offers online auctions of all kinds of goods throughout Austria.


Belgium Auction Sites: – Online auction platform on which auctions of different companies are brought together, varying from leasing companies and banks to curators. – Moyersoen specialises in domestic and international industrial auctions. – I & O Auctions is an online auction house, which places movable and immovable property at auction for third parties.
Our clients include banks, curators, leasing companies and voluntary contributors. –  Provides both online auctions and live auctions of used machines and company inventories from bankruptcies or voluntary sales throughout Europe. – Jorisco sells, in all transparency, to its clients, (receivers, banks, leasing companies and others). You can both buy and sell with us. – Appraisals and inventories of machines and total company inventories – Specialized in online auctions. – Auctions from bankruptcies, overstock, end of series. –  Vavato is a high-end, online auction house specializing in industrial goods, overstock and bankruptcy goods. – Is the auction office that has grown out of the bankruptcy shop.


Denmark Auction Sites: – Your partner for sale of machinery and equipment locally and internationally KJ Auction is owned by Karsten Madsen. We offer sales of machinery and other operating assets.

CampenAuktioner – We are one of the most versatile auction houses. We undertake all types of auctions and work professionally no matter the size of the task.


International Auction Sites: – For more than 12 years, Euro Auctions has been conducting auctions of industrial, construction and agricultural equipment without a minimum price throughout Europe. – Exleasingcar is an international platform for auctions of vehicles from all over Europe.

Surplex – Surplex deals in the purchase and sale of used machines and equipment for the wood and metal processing industry.

BVA-Auctions – As the largest auction house in Europe, BVA Auctions always has something to offer. On behalf of various parties, we auction goods, real estate and new products. – Iitems from machinery dealers and end users with one or a small batch of equipment for sale.

Troostwijk Auctions – Troostwijk was founded in 1930 and has become one of the biggest industrial (online) auctioneers in Europe. – Liquidity marketplace for professional buyers

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