Outdoor set, 25 liters Auction

Auction End: (Fri 18.05.2018 13:02)
Current Price: 950 EUR

Wunderwuzzi WW-25L outdoor set, fridge freezer, 45 W, cooling range + 10 ° C to -20 ° C, capacity 25 liters, vibration-mounted 12 V DC compressor (also designed for off-road use), connection 12/24 V (for Vehicles, battery and solar) and 110 V to 230 V (mains), intelligent three-stage protection for the car battery (switches off before the car battery is drained), two-sided lid opening, 575/365/300 mm, 13.6 kg, digital display, Quick cooling and e-mode, with power supply unit with cable 230 V and vehicle charging cable 12 V / 24 V, thermal protection cover, foldable solar panel Neovoltaic SGM-F-2x60W, 120W (2x 60W), 18V, 2x 770/505/70 mm, Monocrystalline panel, with carrying handle , Closures and feet, including carrying bag, waterproof charging controller 12 / 24V, Anderson plug, 5m cable and battery terminals and solar generator neovoltaic SSG 1000i, smart solar generator (Mobile battery with integrated inverter which with solar, wall socket or car to be charged), maximum power output 2000W, rated power 1000W: outputs: 230V, Anderson 12V 33A, cigarette lighter plug 12V 10A, 6mm plug 12V 6A and USB 5V / 2A / 1A; Input (charge): wall socket 230V, cigarette lighter plug 12 to 29V and PV plug 18 to 70V (for solar panels), integrated lead-acid battery with 960Wh, 530/320/430 mm, 42 kg, trolley function, with APP monitoring (neocontrol) by integrated module (power output, state of charge, service indicator, operating hours, power consumption, ..), list price for the set € 2.790, –

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